03 June 2024

Podcast: How does gender affect migration?

For the second episode of ECDPM’s podcast series 'Minding the gap: Conversations on gender', Omololá Olárìndé joins ECDPM's Jamie Slater to discuss the latest findings from the DYNAMIG project and what they might mean for the way we understand migration and migration policy.

11 March 2024

Migration aspirations in Kenya, Morocco and Nigeria during the COVID-19 pandemic: A social media analysis

In this paper, Amir Abdul Reda and Omololá Olárìndé explore trends in migration conversations on social media from three African countries – Kenya, Morocco and Nigeria – to determine what these can tell us about migration aspirations.

19 January 2024

Seeking greener shores? Emigration aspirations in Morocco and Nigeria during the COVID-19 pandemic

Amir Abdul Reda and Omololá Olárìndé present some early findings of their DYNAMIG research on the impact of health crises on migration aspirations in Atlantic countries of the Global South, analysing social media data. This short paper was originally published in the 2023 edition of The Atlantic Currents.

11 December 2023

Gender in migration aspirations and decision-making, trajectories and policies

Omololá Olárìndé, Lena Detlefsen, Melissa E. Tornari, Eleonore Kofman, Tobias Heidland and Abdulfatai Salawudeen look at recent discussions on how social norms, culture and class intersect with gender in migration decisions, focusing on Africa. Their paper explores how individual characteristics and institutions influence gendered migration decisions

20 November 2023

From data to decisions: How DYNAMIG can contribute to better migration policies

How do people decide whether to migrate? Do migration policies take into account decisions, preferences and behaviour? And do these policies influence people’s decisions? Tobias Heidland explains why these questions are essential and how the DYNAMIG project aims to contribute to a better understanding of migration decisions, migration policymaking and policy effectiveness.

10 November 2023

Conceptual framework: Report of synthesis of recent theoretical developments

This paper looks at recent discussions and trends on African migration, and reviews recent theoretical and methodological developments on migration decision-making within and beyond Africa. By doing so, it seeks to better understand the decision-making process of heterogeneous groups of aspiring migrants at different stages in their potential and actual journeys.