Sister projects

The DYNAMIG project is one of three EU-funded initiatives focusing on migration decisions and policies. These three so-called sister projects – AspirE and PACES, alongside DYNAMIG – share similar but distinct goals. We aim to complement each other’s efforts, working together to increase our overall impact.

About the sister projects

The AspirE project focuses on the decision-making of aspiring (re)migrants in 11 countries across Asia and Europe. It examines how migration regimes in the countries of origin and destination consider aspiring (re)migrants’ behaviour in their policies, why people decide to (re)migrate or stay, and when individuals’ migration decisions evolve. Find out more

Focusing on African migrations to Europe, the PACES project examines how changes in society, individual life experiences and migration policy shape decisions to stay or to migrate over time and across countries. It also explores how this knowledge can inform future migration policies and governance. Find out more