DYNAMIG policy workshop in Ilara-Mokin

On 8 and 9 May, we are organising a policy workshop in Ilara-Mokin, Nigeria, hosted by Elizade University. It is part of a series of three workshops taking place in Nigeria, Kenya and Morocco between May and July 2024.

During the workshop in Ilara-Mokin, we will discuss the initial findings of our research with policymakers and migration experts from the focal countries of our study and DYNAMIG researchers. We will zoom in on:

  • The experiences of Nigerian migrants
  • Policy gaps faced by migrants and policymakers
  • Social media and migration decision-making
  • Infrastructure and intermediaries in migration decision-making
  • Theoretical approaches to migration decision-making
  • The longitudinal dimension of decision-making
  • The evidence influencing migration-related policies
  • Linking migration experiences to migration-related policies and governance
  • Impact of the DYNAMIG project

About the workshop series
The policy workshops in Nigeria, Kenya and Morocco will take place in a small setting, allowing for frank and open discussion between participants. They are of key importance to ensure that our work takes into account – and builds on – the knowledge and priorities of policymakers and migration experts from the focal countries of our study, increasing its quality, usefulness, relevance and impact.

The workshops are by invitation only and will take place under Chatham House rules.

Obinna Okerekeocha via Unsplash